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  2. How Eight Popes Failed To Consecrate Russia (September 24, 2015)
  3. How Six Popes Failed to Release the Third Secret of Fatima (September 23, 2015)
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  19. Interview with John Salza: Using Scripture to Defend the Catholic Faith, Part II
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  21. Interview with John Salza on the Limits of Papal Authority (The Voice of Catholic Tradition, March 30, 2014)
  22. St. Thomas Aquinas and the Immaculate Conception - John Salza, J.D.
Welcome to the Catholic apologetics website www.johnsalza.com. John Salza, J.D. is an attorney and internationally acclaimed Catholic apologist, author and speaker. His Scripture/Fathers page is one of the most comprehensive compilations on the internet, with over 2,000 Scripture citations and over 800 quotes from the early Church Fathers, as well as an extensive Q&A section. These writings demonstrate that the Catholic Church is the one true Church founded by Jesus Christ, the Son of God, outside of which there is no salvation.

Mr. Salza is the creator and producer of Apologetics 101, a series of 52 apologetics episodes that explain and defend a basic doctrine of the Catholic Faith. Salza originally produced the series for Fatima TV, a 24-hour Catholic television station located in Rome and broadcast throughout Italy and northern Europe, where he daily hosts the series in the Italian language, called Apologetica in Breve. He is the author of the following popular books on apologetics which can be ordered through his online bookstore: The Biblical Basis for the Catholic Faith, The Biblical Basis for the Papacy, The Biblical Basis for the Eucharist, The Biblical Basis for Purgatory, The Biblical Basis for Tradition – Why Catholics Don’t Rely on Scripture Alone, and The Mystery of Predestination – According to Scripture, the Church and St. Thomas Aquinas.

Mr. Salza is a scholar of the apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima and lectures throughout the world about the Message of Fatima. This site includes John’s many video presentations and articles on Fatima. In May 2010 at the Fatima Challenge conference in Rome, Salza publicly cross-examined the late Vatican journalist Giuseppe De Carli, co-author with Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone of the book The Last Seer of Fatima. This historic confrontation resulted in additional evidence that there is a missing text of the Third Secret of Fatima. Salza, who is fluent in Italian, has also interviewed Andrea Tornielli, Paolo Rodari, and other respected Vatican journalists in connection with the ongoing cover-up of the Third Secret. His book The Consecration of Russia – How Seven Popes Failed to Heed Heaven’s Command and Brought Turmoil to the Church and the World is the definitive work on the subject of the consecration of Russia. 

Mr. Salza is also a world-class expert on Freemasonry (Salza was a 32nd degree Mason before his reversion to the Catholic Faith). This site includes John’s video presentations and articles on the subject of Freemasonry, as well as a series of interviews Salza gave for Fatima TV, Church Militant TV and the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN). The site further includes all of the rituals of the three degrees of Freemasonry. Salza has been featured on The Discovery Channel to share his expertise on Freemasonry and secret societies, and is the author of the best-selling books Masonry Unmasked: An Insider Reveals the Secrets of the Lodge and Why Catholics Cannot Be Masons.

Salza is a faithful advocate of Catholic Tradition and conquering modernism in the Church by “restoring all things in Christ” (the motto of Pope St. Pius X). Because modernism is the “synthesis of all heresies,” the Church is currently suffering its greatest crisis in history, and the restoration of the Church will occur only when Catholics return to the Faith as it was taught and lived before the disastrous Second Vatican Council. This will not occur on a grand scale until the Pope consecrates Russia to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart as She commanded at Fatima. This site includes John’s videos and articles on such topics as the errors of Vatican II, religious liberty, the New Mass, the Society of St. Pius X, sedevacantism, and other topics. 

In addition to his many television appearances, Mr. Salza has been a regular radio personality on stations throughout America. He has been a featured guest on Catholic Answers Live, Kresta in the Afternoon, The Voice of Catholic Tradition, Sacred Heart Radio, Spirit Catholic Radio, Relevant Radio’s The Drew Mariani Show, The Morning Air, and Searching the Word, where he has featured many series on biblical apologetics and also served as program host. Salza has also had a daily apologetics program on Relevant Radio called “Relevant Answers” and EWTN Radio called “Catholic Q&A.” He is a columnist for The Remnant newspaper, Catholic Family News, The Fatima Crusader, and also serves as President of Apologetics for the American Catholic Lawyers Association. Mr. Salza is a Phi Beta Kappa scholar. Thank you for visiting this site. May God bless you through the intercession of Jesus and Mary.
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